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Established in 2000, Albion Hurricanes FC (AHFC) has continually focused on creating a positive, player focused environment that provides quality soccer instruction to all young men and women within their community, regardless of their ability, gender or socioeconomic background.  


Every player is unique, therefore AHFC provides a development pathway for each player with no limitations other than their own ability and aspirations. Our primary goal is to help shape the character of our players, while providing unparalleled opportunities for future college and professional players through our elite youth program to AHFC Royals.  AHFC is more than a soccer club, it's a community.




To produce hard working, skillful, technical players employing the following three phases: Foundation, Development and Advancement.

The purpose of the mission statement is to promote a culture of excellence which drives both our staffs’ and players’ thoughts and actions. The ideal environment is created to develop young players through experienced experts working together to produce an outstanding multidisciplinary support program where players can thrive.

As such, the elite environment is designed to service players with exceptional work ethic by encouraging creativity and individual excellence. An understanding of the player as a person beyond the capabilities demonstrated on the pitch is a driving factor.  This allows for individualization of support and creation of development plans providing the player with the optimal opportunity to achieve their potential.




AHFC has a network that reaches all levels of collegiate soccer. One of the strengths of our college placement program is the contact the club and staff have at topnotch colleges and universities all over the country. Our club has established a tremendous reputation with college coaches and is known as one of the top clubs nationally because of the student athletes who have gone on to play at the college level.


Our players are performing at all levels of collegiate soccer from top twenty NCAA programs to programs at Division 1, 2, and 3, NAIA and Junior college levels. AHFC continually seeks out the highest level of competition and exposure throughout the country. Our Boys and Girls teams perform at top tournaments and showcases across the nation. We personally invite coaches in town to watch our players perform. AHFC features a yearly college night to help educate our players in the recruiting process.  Our college bound player info can be found on College Fit Finder.



Our professional staff coaches are highly motivated to develop each player and team. The staff coaches for AHFC are professional, loyal and committed to the club. Our staff members are knowledgeable and hard-working with an undeniable understanding and love for the game and the players in the Club.  Through first class training and character building, we look forward to continuing to produce top caliber soccer players who are playing at the next level. 


AHFC and its players have traveled internationally (including players working with English Professional Club Reading FC) and also acted as host to international clubs from other countries to play in Houston.  AHFC players have competed against international competition throughout the years vs. teams from Russia, Estonia, Holland, England, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Norway, El Salvador and Bolivia to name a few. AHFC youth teams have performed in front of as many as 30,000 people.




Dr. Nguyen has always had the passion of giving back to his community, it was one of the sole reason he pursued a healthcare career. He believes in being honest with his patients and providing them with the best care available to them. Dr. Nathan Nguyen is honored to be partnering with the Albion Hurricanes FC to provide athletic management to its athletes during practices and games. Dr. Nguyen's goal is to ensure that the athletes in the AHFC community have the proper monitoring of their athletic abilities to reduce risks of injuries, help them to succeed in their endeavors, and promote overall health & wellness.


3911 Campbell Rd Houston, TX  77080

(713) 939-7473

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